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In addition to editing the footage I shoot, I also edit existing footage (filmed elsewhere). Even before I started work as a videographer, I was editing films in various different jobs over the years, simply because I love it. Every film will be completely bespoke for you – whether you need something to match existing corporate branding, or you’re looking for new ideas, travel films or anything else, let me know how I can help.


I work closely with clients right from the start of the process to get to know them and their companies, and to find out what drives them and what they want to achieve through video. I walk them through the process, and timings, and create a production plan for the shoot. I work with professional cameras and can film in a variety of formats, to ensure you have the right content for different channels. My mission is to capture you and your work in the best possible way, and with no stress, to help get your story out to wider audiences.

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